I, Paul Myers, am a servant of the most high God.  I’m not really a pastor, and don’t like to be observed as anyone having “special knowledge” above or better than anyone else.  I believe that “the ground is level at the foot of the cross.”

I grew up in a very conservative Mennonite church background.  Later in life I was graciously granted a scholarship to attend college so I attended VA Tech and it was there that I was exposed to groups such as Campus Crusade for Christ and then InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, of which I became a leader such as leading worship and a bible study group several years of attending college.

During the year of 1987, I was in an IV bible study and was invited to go to the Philippines that summer. I felt a tug in my heart, and decided to go … so that summer, we helped build a bible college and visited many schools and churches with brother Rudy Winsinger and his wife Edie, along with meeting many pastors and christian workers there.  It was that summer of 1987 that I first met my future wife Gemma.  At the end of that summer, Brother Rudy invited me to join the ministry and come back to the Philippines.  It was almost 3 years until that happened in 1990.  It was also at this time that Rudy passed away from an unfortunate motorcycle accident (causing head injuries and blood clot leading to his death 10 days later.) That same year of 1990, I got married to Gemma in her home church and then together we did various activities in the mission such as attending Youth conventions and leading bible studies with youth.  In 1991, we came to the U.S. and started being involved once again in Mennonite churches for a while.  Later in life, we drifted to another denomination of the Church of Christ.  Many friends were developed over time.  We also started a bible study group of Filipino and American families for a year or so. Then because of work, we moved to Lynchburg where our children, Jesse and Hannah both attended college at Liberty University.

In about the year 2014, my daughter Hannah asked me a series of questions that started a journey for me.  She basically asked me if I loved her more than God does. This caused me to do a ton of research concerning ECT (Eternal Concious Torment) and I quickly had my eyes opened to the truth that man’s teaching had included twisted lies of the demonic (seducing spirits). Since that time, I have concluded that man’s doctrines are seldom in line with God’s Holy Spirit.  I believe we have a fairly good representation of God’s word in its present form, but more so in its original form, that God gave us a perfect word.  By listening to Holy Spirit, I believe we can decide if something we see in the present Bible is really of God or not.  Every issue needs to be compared to other passages.  The whole message of scriptures is a revealing of God’s character (name).

I hope and pray that the articles and helpful links found here will solidify your new found faith that God really is LOVE. Use these articles as needed, but also realize that many souls are not yet ready to hear the good news. It is also not our job to convince … only to be a light and ambassador to those who are open.  Sometimes we have to shake off the dust of our feet… But, in God’s time, each will be drawn to his love…. Enjoy!


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