Seeking? or Argumentative?

This series of blog posts (and in future…links to helpful websites or videos) is an attempt to present truth as I have now come to see it.  Herein I’m attempting to no longer come from a “religious” mindset controlled by man in an institutional manner, but in a way of freedom from man’s way of keeping us in a box…. this will hopefully be a springboard for you to explore the scriptures and love, through the Holy Spirit of God making you more and more aware of his goodness, grace, mercy, and love.

If you have come here only to prove me wrong, you will not gain your goal. You will be frustrated.  I have come to the conclusion after arguing or debating with people in the past, that this method of attempting to “serve God” is a human way to do something only God is capable of doing.  God is Salvation and it is his job to draw a lost soul to himself.  If you are blessed by this site, you may copy and paste articles elsewhere as you choose. Please give credit to authors as well.

New wine is made for new wine-skins.  Jesus told us that if you pour it into old wine skins, they will burst.  I have also found that “swine” are not interested in pearls. Use this material wisely. — Paul Myers, 2017.


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