Links to Seeker’s helpful topics:

1.      Seeking info on many topics?  see Dr. Ernest L. Martin’s research at :

A helpful exposition on the sin of tithing today is found at

See this article for info on :   “The False Wailing Wall”

2.     Paul Gray’s books are available at Grace w/ Paul Gray

3.     James Barnes has great topics at Orchard Ministries

4.      Brad Jersak’s telling of the good news (gospel) using chairs as a visual model:


5.    Another good blog site is Charles Watson, Sr. at : CW Sr

6.    For end of age info such as G7, block chain, identification verification (ID4D) , etc. see:

NWO stuff

another site for proof: Braingate Info

7.  Here’s a powerful video by a lady who grew up in a “Christian” cult on TedX:  I was in a Cult Video on TedX


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