Is Death the End?

Ever lost a loved one? When all things are made new.. it will all be made right. We can’t understand a love so great that God would forgive even the greatest or “chief” of sinners.. the Apostle Paul. Can he forgive someone who commited suicide? Of course… the God who died for us while we were yet sinners can use some of that “Mercy that endures forever” to forgive your loved one. Ever think of what a person goes through before they give up on life. The hopelessness, the pain, the depression. Some of you have even been close to that decision and God has brought you back from the brink to give you hope again. Did you know that no-one can come to God unless the Spirit draws them. Do you think he would only draw a few to himself? Remember a promise he made about 2000 years ago? “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all…..
What makes you so special compared to anyone else? Well …Jesus loved you so much that he gave up the riches of heaven to live among evil and hateful people.. On the cross he cried out “Father forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.” Do you think the Father would not do so? He also made the statement that the Son of Man came to seek and save those that are lost. He will “leave the 99 sheep” that are in the fold to find the one lost sheep. He is pure love in a way that mankind would have never glimpsed on our own unless he would have revealed it to us. So I believe in a God of Love who could not only forgive Hitler or Stalin, but will someday bring “all things” under his subjection ….eventually. someday every knee will bow to proclaim him as “Lord”, not out of being forced, but by finally being willing to acknowledge how wonderful He really is… Can you find it in your heart to forgive these kind of “criminals”. ? Well Jesus forgave a thief hanging on the cross… Hummn.

I’m sure the other thief will eventually be forgiven as well. God is very patient, not willing that any should perish. He came not to condemn, but to save.. Did you know that the name Jesus actually means “God is salvation” ? As in Adam all have died, so in Christ shall all be made alive!.
For the wages of sin is death, …but…. the gift of God is eternal life….
Do you think that will only be a gift to just a few selected special few? Do you see God or do you see Satan winning the battle of history? Surely God will overcome all obstacles to win all and make all things new. The last enemy to be done away with will be death. (anyone know what the second death is? hummn? ) No more tears, no more pain, the old way of things will be done away. “Behold I am making all things new.” is his promise to me and to you and to “all”… (one of my favorite words )

Hopefully this will be a comfort to anyone who has lost a loved one…

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